Hi Hons,

Since the early ’90’s, here in Southern California anyway, homeless children have become an interesting addition to the life of the homeless. Some towns have jazzed them up by calling them “street people”. At any rate, according to Rev. Andy Bales, the history of the homeless rarely included significant numbers of children until the early ’90’s. That’s when the trend shifted to be more inclusive of all of our citizens.

Southern Californians, ready to face every challenge except to change the elements of society that create all these homeless people because that requires too much sacrifice of time and energy, have given some donation money to creating new services for the little street urchins.

There’s Homeless Children’s Network. Just look at how happy the pictured children are! They love being homeless as anyone can plainly see.

The State of Wisconsin has implemented a program to include the homeless children of their state into the public schools, where they can stay in the same school for the “duration of their homelessness” while they are hungry and cold at night. This program has even won national awards.

A finalist for Toyota’s Cars for Good award, School on Wheels drives all over Southern California to help homeless kids with their homework!

What fun! You get to live outdoors AND still have three hours of homework a night without being distracted by pesky things like meals and bathing! I wonder if they call it “homeless work”, since there’s actually no home. Maybe “cardboard box work?” It’s a poser, hons.

And a dream come true.

Please don’t misunderstand. Every one of those above programs and the others just like them are doing the best that they can to help the innocent to try to crawl out of the Stygian black hole of poverty by giving them the climbing tools of education. While it’s rather like trying to put a band-aid on a sliced artery, I do applaud them.

Can you see the dissonance? Would you do a bum a favor, because he’s only 10 now and too young to knock over a liquor store, could you see your way to just to fix the economy? Put all the focus and energy on creating an enduringly healthy society Or am I just a silly billy?

IB Crabby

Do they really have to just suck it up, hon?