Happy March, hons! I must say that the kickoff to this year has been a bit of a let-down. But hopes are still high for things to pick up!

Today’s ponder is why have the good people of our country splintered so violently and lost touch with any sense of corporal unity and cohesive fealty on a basic human level. Our societal elastic has done lost its stretchiness and we’re all flopping about willy nilly just trying to survive. And our society has turned predatory. The most important value left is money, which is so silly hons, because between the government and the banks, we’re being stripped of all our money!!

Gas prices are traveling faster than we can afford to now and for no apparent reason aside from the oil companies just wanting to dick with our pocketbooks. We are more addicted to the petroleum products than Rush Limbaugh is to verbally beating the bajeesus out of anyone who mentions….”viagra” or …”Oxycontin” in the same sentence as his name.

Children are not being offered first-rate education and in fact, in some cases, are being offered up themselves as fodder for pedophilic fantasies. College kids are being forced out of school by spiraling tuitions. And we are seeing the death of vocational schools and community colleges nationwide. Which gives me such a giggle imagining how on earth all those stinkin’ rich folks in Bel Air are going to get their sinks unclogged and their leaky roofs fixed.

The unemployment numbers are creeping downward, but is this just because folks who have hit the 7 year mark are no longer counted and kids who’ve just graduated who can’t find their first jobs are also not included? Or are they just tracking the death rate?

The grocery store has become a carnival of carousel price horses going up and down and up and down. Just watch the price of bacon change by up to $8 a package in one day – for the same package! I’m told by a very experienced butcher that in recent times, the stores used to manage their own prices based on their inventories and expiration dates. Nowadays some suit in a corporate office arbitrarily decides how much something should cost based on factors that have nothing to do with the individual store. As a result, increasing amounts of food are being thrown out, unpurchased. While more people in this country are going hungry. And the most affordable diet left has people ballooning up in orgiastic obesity.

The political arena has become a circus of posturing pedants, not one of whom appears to give a rat’s ass about you or me and what we must deal with to survive these days. But they sure are ready to tell us what we must do with our sexual bits. And where to put them. I’d jump on the bandwagon of whoever told me I needed to put the moves on Hugh Jackman in a hot second, hons! Even if they insisted on telling me what to do with my uterus!!

What’s an individual to do? Well, hons, personally I choose to try to focus only on what’s left that’s positive – like still being able to fish a glazed buttermilk donut from the rubbish, relatively clean, and being able to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Personally I have no control whatsoever over any of it, no matter how much Fenwick blames everything on me. Something good to remember. The only thing I can fix is myself.

Therefore, hons, face every idiotic day with a smile. Put your big kid panties on and get out in that world. Treat everyone fairly and with good humor. Squeeze a laugh or three from every situation and enjoy a refreshing beverage with your meals. We’re still better off here than the Sudanese, hons!

Hugs and suck it up with a smile!,

IB Crabby

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