Hi hons. Here is a vid. It’s not mine. It’s from the good people at the Union Rescue Mission. It’s a fifteen minute video of three stories that you should watch. They are hopeful stories. And they could be about any of us. As Michelle said – you can’t stereotype homeless people. Well, sure you can, but then we’d have to call you a rude name and what fun would THAT be, hon? (…well for US maybe…)

Here’s the vids:

Stories from Skid Row (Michelle, Pops, and Maurice stories) from Chronicle Project on Vimeo.

Now the next time you see a homeless person, try not to flinch and say “Ewwwww,” OK?

There are 82,000 homeless folks in Los Angeles alone. More than any other city in the U.S., so I hear. If you have some spare cash, give it on over to Rev. Andy Bales Union Rescue Mission. (Though he’d never admit it was his place. He’d say everybody else does all the work). Help those people get the women and children off the streets. That way the Republicans will have more kids to put to work after they’re done changing all the state child labor laws.

I.B. Crabby


  1. Thanks for this. Visited the Union Rescue Mission back in the day. It has changed. Society has changed. Glad to hear it is still there.

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