It’s come and come without a lot of hullaballoo.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters were there. But they were not included on any of the telecasts of the parade that have been re-running and re-running and re-running all the livelong day. We’ve been watching.

The Hollywood Reporter said that there were “hundreds” of “supporters” walking in the parade.

USA Today reported several thousand protesters marching in the parade.

CBS News online agreed with USA Today.

The protesters were peaceful and simply marched and waved.

Their float was called “We the People.”

And not one station picked up the giant Occupy Octopus float made entirely of plastic bags.

Again, they were peaceful and gave the police an easy day.

But you won’t see it on television here in L.A. anyway. At least not so far.

How on earth am I supposed to make any kind of cogent fashion commentary without playback, I ask you???


I.B. Crabby

Just suck it up, hon!


Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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