Here’s a cadre of folks who just keep getting up almost each and every time they are knocked down. Until they lose their heads.

They won’t stop. And all they want is just a little bite of your brain. They won’t take all of it. Just a nip, so they can keep on going.

But there is so much profiling and stereotyping of the zombie! They don’t have a chance with all the fear mongering people indulge in against their kind. Even the CDC is against them!

Fortunately there is at least one place our zombie friends can find aid and support. Zombie Rights Campaign site is about the only place I could find any kind of support or sympathy for our cell regenerative challenged brothers and sisters! Though his last post seemed to be in May, I worry for his safety. Hopefully he wasn’t blown away by an anti-zombie terror-wrist.

Did any of you know that May is Zombie Appreciation Month? Don’t throw out your meat scraps or dead goldfish! Put them out for our zombie friends.

And this holiday season, do not be swayed by the cheerful tips of sites like this:

Zombies have feelings too! While their mantel stockings are likely to still have their feet in them, they still decorate and prepare for the holiday, just like you or me! For a gift this year, why not give the gift of brain. Just ask your local butcher to wrap one up and send it to the Salvation Arms, an organization which helps our out of work zombie friends.

Remember, hons, just because you’re dead doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings.

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