Hons, our world is in danger of slipping through the circling drain. While our population number is beginning to decrease, we eclipsed our sustainability in terms of food and water over a decade ago. Consequently millions of us are starving and live in abject poverty.

Just this week, new census reports indicate that 50% of Americans are either poor or low-income earners. We are not gaining enough jobs to stem the tide of unemployment. Though the busy, buzzing, biddies in the GOP will just tell you we’re all lazy and shiftless. *ahem*

That’s not the point here today. Lest we all take to our bathtubs with unshielded razor blades and a bottle of whiskey.

Today it’s about our kids. Our amazing, resilient and brilliant children. These are the ones who are still hopeful and bursting with ideas – if we don’t crush them by too much idiotic homework.

Here’s a site that will fill you with optimism and hope that our planet will climb out of the stinking morass you and I and our forebears have allowed to exponentially mutate.

In brief:
Khadijah Williams
Aduei Riak
Jeremy Sicile-Kira
Sharhonda Perkins-At 15, five family members died in a fire
Avi Rosenblum
Tyree Johnson
Jeanine Horowitz
Michael Coady-Quadriplegic at 17 after an accident
Pamela Miller-Overcame her father’s suicide
Marjoie Elliot-This one’s not a kid. She was 75 when she got her high school diploma. She gives us old geezers hope that we can still change our lives for the better. And that gives her all the best things that kids have. That, plus she obviously moisturizes properly, because her skin is gorgeous!!

Now, if you come across any youngsters today, be very very nice to them and help them with their schoolwork if they need it, or give them a sandwich if they’re hungry. These are the folks that will end up stamping “Approved” or “Disapproved” on your hip-replacement request.

That, and they’re gonna do better than we did.

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