Cameron Robertson lived on the Scottish Isle of Barra in a white house overlooking the bay. He loved playing in the rockpools on the beach next to his house. He had a secret entrance in the garden and also used to watch the planes land on the beach from his bedroom window. His dad, Shane, died because “he didn’t look both ways.”

At least this is how Cameron Macaulay described his life to his mom and dad, over and over as a six-year-old boy living in Glasgow with a different family.

He begged and begged to be taken to Barra because he said his former family would be missing him.

Sun writer Yvonne Bolouri writes about The Boy Who Lived Before in a September 2006 article.

With no avenue whatsoever for previous knowledge of any of this, Cameron’s mom found the house on the Isle of Barra as described by Cameron, with exactly the elements he talked about. The three bathrooms, the garden’s secret entrance, being able to watch planes land on the beach from one of the bedrooms. And the house was indeed owned by a “Robertson” family.

He was chagrined when he found there was no one living there, but was tremendously relieved to have visited. Especially since people believe him now.

Watch the documentary here.

Past lives are such an interesting concept. And actually, to me, make perfect scientific sense, hons. Think about it. The planet was created with a mostly fixed amount of matter. It has, outside the occasional asteroid addition, the same amount of matter as it did when it was created. Or when it “evolved”, whichever you prefer. At any rate, we have a buttload of more humans alive now than ever lived altogether in the history of the planet. Humans are made up of matter, n’es pas? It stands to reason that our bodies are recycled.

Considering that living matter conducts energy, even though at a low voltage, couldn’t it be in the realm of possibility that the matter you are made up of has some part of some past person, animal or thing still vibrating maybe at least a teensy bit? I like to think so. This would certainly explain some of my past beaus, the dogs! Or Mrs. Shelby, the gym teacher who was built like a tree.

Cameron probably won’t remember any of this when he’s in high school. Which is probably for the best, as he’ll perhaps be interested in getting some whoopee, and this business is definitely dating poison.

For us, though, it’s a good poser of “what to do after death!”

Be Green!! Recycle yourself, hon!!

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