Fruita, Colorado is a teeny tiny little town on the western side of Colorado near a town you might be more likely to have heard of – Grand Junction. I have actually been there. And I know a fellow who grew up there. It’s a sweet place, actually. The folks there have electricity and indoor plumbing and even drive cars, though they could walk everywhere in town in less than half an hour.

On September 10, 1945, Mr. Lloyd Olsen of Fruita, a farmer by trade, was sent out to pick out something good for his mother-in-law’s dinner. He decided on Mike. Mike was a five-and-a-half month old cockerel. Nope, not a puppy and certainly not a human – but a chicken.

Though an experienced farmer, Mr. Olsen blew it when it came to beheading Mike for dinner. He missed the jugular vein and left Mike one ear and most of his brain stem. The rest….PFFFFFT – gone.

Kept alive by being fed milk and water by eyedropper, with the occasional small grain of corn popped in the opening, Mike lived another 18 months. Unlike Ms. Antoinette and Ms. Boleyn, he had no idea that his head was missing.

He even has his own website! And enjoyed some lovely press in Life Magazine.

It can be done, hons! Not only Congress, but chickens as well can live without their heads!!

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