Gianna Jessen is technically a survivor of a murder attempt. She survived a late term abortion.

Gianna’s mother became pregnant with her at the age of 17. At 7-1/2 months pregnant (30 weeks), her mother went to have an “instillation abortion”, aka “late-term abortion.”

The process is like this: The cervix is dilated for the “delivery.” Then, a chemical of either saline, urea or prostaglandin is injected into the amniotic sac to kill the baby by burning it. The baby is then delivered dead and a DNC gets rid of the remaining tissue.

Gianna, obviously didn’t die. She was delivered alive, premature and with severe injury. She suffers physical atrophy and cerebral palsy as a result.

Just a note, hons, I am pro-choice. But not for late-term abortions. Or even late-term partial birth abortions. Especially so after watching Gianna’s speech. She actually made me wonder about any abortions – but I am still pro-choice for early terminations. Especially for cases of rape, incest and extreme hardship. It chafes my hide when groups call themselves “pro-life” and then have no regard whatsoever for the life of the child after birth. Nor any regard for the life of the mother of the child after the birth. That is not pro-life. That is pro promulgation of the species with focus only on biology. If life has no quality to it outside of existence, I just don’t see any pros to that. Maybe that is the fundamental difference between modern-day Republicans and Democrats – Survival at all costs vs. Qualitative life for all. …And again, I digress.

This young lady made an amazing physical recovery. She was told she would never walk, and now walks – with a limp – but the girlfriend walks. She ran in a marathon in 2005. She is a singer who has written and recorded songs.

She is, as you can imagine, a pro-life advocate who has spoken to our Congress and the British House of Commons.

She is a compelling and inspiring speaker. She is very religious, far more so than I. But her story insists on being told and heard. I quite like her pluck.

If my parent(s) were determined that I would not exist, would I still be here? I doubt it. This also has made me wonder how many parents try to kill their children’s lives after they are born. It has certainly spawned a large population of psychologists and the attendant psychotropic drugs.

I applaud Gianna’s survival and more so her honoring of it with her energetic insistence on expressing all of herself. Her example is far more than surviving. I’m going to have to change “shut up and suck it up” to “shout out and explode yourself.”

IB Crabby

4 thoughts on “DEC 6 – GIANNA JESSEN

  1. Ms Jessen’s story is certainly emotive. What she often neglects to say is that abortion at 7-and-a-half months pregnancy was (and still is) illegal. She also neglects to say that the saline abortion that her mother was given does NOT ‘burn’. It’s no longer used, but when given properly it was injected into the fetus to immediately stop the heart. The ‘burning’ idea probably arises from some of those gruesome photos the pro-lifers like to show around – some of them are actually of babies who have died in the womb and thereby undergone a degree of decomposition that looks like the result of burning.
    You say “Her example is far more than surviving.” I disagree. She has been a professional abortion survivor for almost twenty years. I mean that literally – she is a professional speaker who earns her living from giving talks about being an abortion survivor. Yes she sings as well, but she’s not signed up to a label and doesn’t give concerts; the singing is just an adjunct to her talks. I’ve followed her career for years and often wonder why she never does anything else with all that energy, instead of limiting herself so severely.

  2. Dear Mrs. Grimble, Thank you so much for your comment. It is important to hear all sides of a person’s story and yours is the first I’ve heard that is critical of Ms. Jessen. I have long long maintained that being handicapped or having survived some trauma or other does not make one inherently kind or fabulous. I believe there are some places, though, that will perform the abortions at this stage, especially the partial birth ones. Though they may well be illegal and involve the use of coat hangers. I join you, then, in the wonderment of why she does not use all that energy for other things. She’s obviously extremely charismatic. You give us a much more balanced picture here. Still doesn’t change my view on this. But I do have a larger view of her. Thank you.
    IB Crabby

  3. Something Mrs. Grimble also neglects is that Gianna Jessen also testifies before Congress. I’m sure she does use that energy towards other things, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make news. And my thoughts on this are based on facts. Ie: G.W. Bush signed the “born alive act” for a reason. Could it be because it was more prevalent in our country that the media led us to believe? I don’t trust the media, and it’s unfortunate that too many form their opinions and beliefs from what they hear. What that tells me is that when she tells her story, she is helping people see a side to the debate that isn’t published near enough. That’s probably why people can write, “the saline when used properly is injected to stop a beating heart.” Originally, a medically induced abortion was used to abort a child that began growing in the fallopian tubes- threatening the life of both the mother and baby. Some babies die in th womb, and have a medical procedure that scarapes them out. That was the original intent. Yet, it grew into something that people began using for their convenience. For goodness dsake, ask a doctor or google what saline does to a baby in utero. “…kills the baby by it swallowing the extra salty amniotic fluid and developing an electrolyte imbalance. Salt poisioning can also cause brain hemorrhages, etc, in survivors of the procedure who don’t have the intended heart attack from salt overload before delivery.” I shold hpe it’s not done today, but was 40 years ago. Politicians make their living giving speeches. Self-help guru’s do that same. Why is she any different? If I had the gift ofpublic speaking (which so many do not),i’d make my living the same way. IMHO

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