Hi Hons!

It’s that time of year again. I can’t believe I’ve been media launched for over a year already! My how the time flies.

Last year I wrote an Advent Series on murder victims – where would they be today if their lives hadn’t been taken against their wills. You can find these posts in my sidebar, if you want some “light” (ha ha) reading for the holidays.

This year’s series will feature “ordinary” people who have had to overcome either extraordinary physical issues or life experiences and the like and had to soldier on one step at a time, like the rest of us, and have done so with grace, class or a good lesson to be learned. Also a bit on how those around them helped them to deal with the “whatever” that befell their destiny.

This year’s ponder is destiny. Or karma. Is there a physics to it that can be quantified in an algorithmic postulation? Is there a genetic predisposition for certain types of life events? As in, is there a “divorce” gene, or a “victim” gene as well as the other genes as mentioned with some of this series’ subjects?

The holidays are a time we all think in terms of boxes. Christmas gift boxes. And bags. All wrapped nicely and under the Saturnalia tree. And how often do we open those boxes to be shocked and awed by either joyful wonder or harsh disappointment, or merely “meh”d by insouciant indifference. My hope is to take us all outside the box, as it were. Because really, that is where the best gifts are. They’re not things at all. They’re not socks or sweaters or iPods or Kindles or even gold jewelry and chocolate…..though, though, though….I am such a weakling for jewelry and chocolate…. *pause to put my underwear back on*…… The best gifts transcend our corporal selves. And sometimes appear in guises not normally considered optimal.

Thus this year’s series. Enjoy it or don’t. I’ll still pop in with the vids here and there. Hoping to get some letters from you with your issues!!! Don’t be shy now. I’ll do my best for you.

Wishing you Seasons Greetings over Seasons Grievings, hons!

I.B. Crabby

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