Did you forget to move all your money out of the big nasty banks on Bank Transfer Day?

No worries! There’s still time to scare those big old nasty poverty creating, retirement and savings stealing, nickel and dime charges charging banks!

Even if you don’t have a new account opened yet because you’re still researching, here are some great ideas for where to hide your money!

The shower curtain rod: Get big bills and roll them up and slide ’em in the tube, like a ball park frank slides into a bun!

Sew envelopes of it into your favorite coat! Tell people your money is well buttoned up, and you’ve wrapped up the whole thing.

Buy a huge cookie jar shaped like a cow, and put it in your kitchen. Call it your “cash cow!”

Remove stitching at the bottom of your curtains and sew it up in there! Tell your friends who visit what a “rich” view you have and have a big chuckle to yourself, while bringing Bank of America to it’s knees!!

Underneath the litter in the cat litter box – Hon, trust me, NOBODY’s going to look there.

Wherever you hide it, make sure to check on it regularly or you might forget where you’ve hidden it. I did this once with Fenwick’s hookah. It took me 6 months to remember that I’d hidden it in the closet behind his one suit.

Don’t feel left out if you forgot. There’s still time and we’ll hold your sign for you till you get back to the protest!

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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