Hi hons,

Here’s a lovely piece on some of the lesser known Saints.

Among them:

Saint Barbara – A BH 90210 kind of gal whose Daddy was a heathen. Daddy didn’t like it when Barbara converted to Christianity, so he killed her with his own bare hands after having her tortured. On the way home he was struck by lightening and died. She is the patron saint of fireworks!

My Saint, Saint Genesius – This fellow was hired to make fun of Christian Baptism onstage, in a play. Forgetting his lines, he was cued by God Himself and converted during a performance. The Emperor Diocletian did not like this as it meant he lost one worshipper, and he tortured and beheaded Genesius. Along with watching over actors and performers in general, comedians are also included because there is just nothing funnier than hidden messages in jokes!

The rest include patron saints of the occult, drug dealers, STDs and earaches.

To quote the should be sainted Zelda Rubenstein:

“All are welcome.”

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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