By: ~Mister-JP


If we still lived in a regular house with visiting marauders, I’d have this pumpkin for sure. Or some other amazing design by Mister-JP! Isn’t he wonderful?

If you are at a loss for a different sort of Halloween costume, please feel free to use some of my past ideas:

~Wear a blue unitard with kotex pinned all over it. Each kotex should have a stain made of water and blue food coloring. This was “Picasso’s Blue Period!”

~Wear a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse (depending on which you prefer) hat, with the ears. Do your face up, and get the big mouse gloves. The rest of your outfit should be Harley Davidson chic, complete with tattoo. Ta Da! You are Mickey Mouse – Hells Angel or Minnie Mouse – Biker chick! When I did Minnie, I had a beautiful painted tattoo on my upper arm of Mickey’s silhouette smoking a cigarette!

~Princess Leia from the first Star Wars movie, with bagels on your ears for the hair.

~And for the “in a hurry, last-minute costume party!” – dress all in black, head to toe – say you are a shadow of your former self.

Don’t spend a bucket full of cash!! Just go through your closet, kitchen and garage. You can find all kinds of things to make up for a costume!

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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