Bacteria talk to each other! More than married couples! Who knew? “Hey, hon….do you secrete here often?”

The flying car goes into commercial production next year! It’s been approved for the road. Fenwick and I will keep this one from the lead-footed Mother Crabby.

Scientists recreated “The Black Death” genome! Great! Just in time for Christmas and the holidays! A lovely gift idea for that “special” person or relative in your life.

And in social news, who knew? people without cars, money and stuff are less likely to get married. Well, sillies! If you don’t get out much, you don’t meet a lot of people, do you?

And finally, in fashion science (yes it IS a subject, turns out), there’s a lovely new blog and postings called Facing It. It’s by Harriet Walter and is full of reflections on women’s aging. Nothing for the boys yet. Just the saggy girls!

Have fun catching up, hons!

I.B. Crabby

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