I found this article on other countries changing and adding to the marriage contract laws.

“If it were acceptable for people to wed for a variety of reasons, perhaps we would see contracts of 20 years for a parenting marriage,* five-year renewable contracts for a financial security marriage, and two-year renewable agreements for companionship marriages.”

Wedding planners will have to get creative for these new weddings. New themes will abound! Combined baby shower/weddings for the 20 year “children included” occasions; barn raisings for the 5 year working unions; a table of stockbrokers and their business cards at the financial security receptions.

And another ponder – if children are not planned in the union, why bother getting married? Why not just incorporate as an LLC as a domestic business? It would be the same thing?

Will men advertise to hire a “wife” or “wives” or a “husband”…will women do the same? Will it become another layer of “employment?” and if so, will the data gatherers then consider one “employed” if one is “married?” Which would make current administration stats look ever so much better on the first round of the new count.

If this becomes the way of things everywhere, I wonder if anyone will take the mysterious “I Do” plunge of hoping for forever on the wedding day and then feeling like it’s forever after 7 or 8 years in so many cases.

In my opinion, it is the death of romance, who seems to have been ill for a very very long time now.

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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