Good morning, hons! I hope you had a lovely Saturday sleep in today.

This morning as I was enjoying my coffee with my morning newspaper, I saw this happy article about the happiest man on earth today who works at the happiest place on earth. That’s right. Disney’s Bobby Iger *A BIG MOUSEKETEER HI! TO BOBBY!!* will be getting paid for working the same amount of hours, but now TWO jobs worth of salary which will equal about $28 million dollars next year.

$28 MILLION dollars. In one year. This is what a Mickey Mouse job is worth now.

Good for you Bobby!!! Way to be today, with Occupy Wall Street capturing the hearts of millions of your customers!!

It will be SOOOOO interesting to see how many of us will still skip happily to the several $hundred$ dollar a day theme park trips, the rehashed movie releases in 3D that cost them almost nothing to put out, and the overpriced, made overseas at pennies an hour merchandise. I have a sad feeling that Disney will still make buckets of money to fill this one man’s coffers. Because we don’t get it yet, out here. The protest is a good start. It’s time to remember how to “BOYCOTT”. Remember?

Meanwhile, two Facebook Friends posted this picture, which made me cry:

After reading about Mr. Iger’s GIGANTIC raise, I ask him: Yo! Bobby, please, you can afford it now – wouldja send these kids a sandwich? Maybe a box of milk or something? Maybe a quick trip to Disney World for some Mickey Mouse nuggets?

Now I have culture whiplash. We have a lot of work to do here. Thank goodness good citizens like Bobby Iger are willing to do two jobs in the same amount of time as one and take just the two salaries for it.

I.B. Crabby

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