Consumer protector and shielder from the greedy pants corporate money suckers, and now senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren crows that paying for her college with jobs and loans is better than, well…..other ways.

She busted her senatorial campaign opponent, Scott Brown’s chops about posing nude for Cosmopolitan in ’82 to make money to pay for his college!

Since nowadays society’s moral compass was seized along with the foreclosed house, and “whatever floats your boat” is the rule of the day, it is no longer “politically correct” to criticize ANYTHING anyone does to get ahead. That’s what the response to Ms. Warren’s comments from Brown’s campaign manager, and two already seated Republican Senators are flooding the news services with.

Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine said “It’s wrong to mock anyone who had to make hard choices to overcome tough obstacles.” Being me, hons, I do wonder if Ms. Collins choice of words was made with a giggle and a martini….”hard choices”…indeed.

But, Susie is right! And just how far should this line be drawn, hons? Let’s all give a break to the kids who sell drugs to middle and high schoolers to pay their college tuitions! Let’s look the other way at those young marrieds, trying their hardest to get that first home, when they knock over granny for the inheritance down payment. Let’s ease up when that poor hedge fund trader, needing that next promotion so his shopaholic wife won’t leave him, guts the pensions of a couple of unions. These are hard, hard times folks.

And there’s a new iPhone coming out soon!! We ALL have to buy one in tribute to Steve Jobs passing! You can just imagine the “hard choice” hijinks that are going to ensue!! I see a new prime time cable sitcom on just this very thing!! “How I Became Your Senator”, with the handsome lead wearing a French maid uniform and being handcuffed to a Dollar Motel headboard with a baggie of crystal meth peeking out from the apron pocket, in the promo one-sheet.

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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