Dear Mrs. Crabby,

I am Anonymous. I have such a pickle of an issue, I hope you can help me. For being as accomplished and insidious as we are I am…*er*um*, I find it necessary to seek online assistance with a very delicate problem.

I am doing my level best to make the world a better place for all humans to live as global citizens with full rights and remedies in terms of social governance and community law. And I believe this effort is achieving a good level of success and positive response. Though I will confess to knowing that there are those who hate what we are *cough* I AM doing and trying to shut us down.

Here’s my quandry for you. It appears that my mother wants to join our group and I will be frank, she has no idea that this is how I spend all my time afternoons and evenings when I am supposed to be doing my homework *er*um* working my online job.

Should I let her join or should I try to discourage her? It’s a puzzler, or as you would say, a ponder.

Thanks in advance (and by the way, your website could use some work. We could help you with those spam comments “That was really helpful Thanks for that awesome posting.”)


Dear Anonymous,

Hon! First thanks for all you are doing! In times of governmental attempts to quell the citizenry as our pockets are drained of our hard earned dollars, we need revolutionaries brave enough to challenge and protest! No matter what age.

And this comes to my answer – welcome your mother with open arms!! We need all ages and all levels of experience and wisdom to keep the rivers of freedom from being dammed up by the money grubby, power hungry, boorish beavers of bondage!

Others who are great allies – comedians, proctologists and anti-revisionist history teachers! Get some of those too!

Keep on keepin’ on Anon! And thanks for the tip on the website. I thought those were spaminators, that and that cop actor guy.


IB Crabby

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