As our own country appears to be moving in a similar direction as 1930’s Germany, here’s a look at the evolution of fashions from those days.

This article highlights this subject after talking with Mario Lupano and Alessandra Vaccari who created the visual history “Fashion at the Time of Fascism.”

I find a number of similarities to our current views of fashion.

The Italians lived 20 years under fascism and were obsessed with the body and measuring the body. It was in this fascist regime that standard clothing sizes were created and plastic surgery became more commonplace. Exercise and body image became as much of a focal point at this time as it has become a craze in America, and the so-called civilized world in general.

With the popularity of Lady Gaga’s and Katy Perry’s and the likes fashion sense, and the obsession with the Kardashians; extreme shoes and fashions that change faster than excrement through a pillow filling contributory bird, we seem to be in our own “cosmopolitan” era, if compared to the Italians at that time.

As time went on though, the fascists condemned these fashions and updated their image to a more casual sensibility. Apparently something we can look forward to.

I found it historically interesting that the Italian fascists shut off the French and their haute couture. It makes me wonder just how much that influenced France’s position with the allies. It would have creamed my puff, no doubt, were I French at that time.

Fortunately, in my opinion, the Fascists were unsuccessful in their efforts to control fashion. A person’s gotta wear what a person wants to wear, at the end of the day. And in between.

Germany had a lot to say about this as well. They also poo-poohed….or “merde merded” the French fashions as morally and physically unhealthy. “Ach der lieber, Schatzi! That Jacques Doucet is the color of a spoiled Easter egg! And makes me want to do you right here on banks of the Rhine!!…Right after I finish my schnitzel and ale!” The Germans had an added foci of eliminating the Jews from all areas of the fashion industry via a group called “Adefa”. I wonder how many of these talented men and women managed to escape to France and New York back then and if they made us some very nice clothes. This would be an interesting study.

There is a recent correlation to government’s attempt to tell us what we can and cannot wear in a modern day decision by Wisconsin’s New Berlin school board who has mandated that teachers cannot wear skirts above their knees. (though I do wonder how many of the male teachers will show up to work in kilts after this. Or go to work sans underpants). It smacks of the same sensibility of attempting to control and dominate the populace.

Perhaps we will start off with a cosmopolitan work suit like this:

And then end up at the end of our own upcoming fascist regime with work outfits like this:

Something to take our minds off the relentless political idiocy that will further scar our social psyches.

I.B. Crabby

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