Dr. Gregor Peter Schmitz writes for an international online news site called Spiegel Online.

He reflected on 9/11 and how it triggered the decline of the U.S. both domestically and internationally thereafter. It is a powerful reflection. I share his view of our country’s decline and have for some time now.

You can read it here. It also has an amazing graphic with links to 911 calls and videos from the actual day. But I will warn you, it is intense.

Dr. Schmitz was only 26 when this happened. And he’s viewed events afterward from an internationally educated and experienced eye.

America was magnificent and huge and shiny and good to the world and it’s citizens. It took something as monstrously huge and unthinkable as the events of 9/11 to trigger her decline. I believe that while we the people are apparently still sitting in shock, like a deer in headlights, that equally monstrous greedy and shamefully American sons of bitches and bitches as well have slunk in betwixt us to empty our pockets, ensure our upcoming generation will be far less educated than generations past, and render our “exceptional” America a place where it is impossible to dream very high any more. Not to mention miring us in un-winnable and atrociously expensive wars.

Perhaps our spirit was also destroyed when the top of America came tumbling down. Because it sure seems that our anger over current predicaments is impotent, unfocused and about as worrisome to those aforementioned sons of bitches as a housefly is to a horse’s ass.

We have a golden opportunity presented to us here to try to change this downward spiral we are on. That would be an election coming up. But look at the candidates we have to choose from. Is there time to unify behind “Option C?” Maybe. Is there an “Option C” to put up? Not if the sons of bitches have anything to say about it.

What worries me are that the only two choices left for us now, unless there is a wascally wabbit to pull out of that hat, are a fascist takeover or a lively revolution. Or maybe both.

My advice – best build your store of supplies up and get ready for a siege of some kind or another. At the very least, you’ll be prepared when the prices for them go up exponentially if the economy is the next thing to come tumbling down.

Now, everyone, go out there and have a lovely Sunday.

I.B. Crabby

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