Now that churches and families no longer have time or inclination to teach these things, Boston public high school teacher, Stephen Banno, is offering love as a course of study! At last! A formal and approved approach to this rather than stigmatizing the poor kids just looking for love the only place they can find it outside of their parents. Besides, with medical insurance being more difficult to come by and higher rates of morbid obesity, our species needs to start procreating early if we’re to have any chance of survival. Especially with the coming alien invasion!

And our college scholars! So many more choices are afforded to them. I would have certainly enjoyed that course on maple syrup!

It’s heartening to see that even though we have no idea whatsoever what we are training our current progeny to become in terms of working citizens of earth, and while we continue to relentlessly do what we can to nip their creativity in the bud, we are at least offering realistic opportunities to continue spending that educational budget dollar!!

Go PTA!!

I.B. Crabby

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