He’s a nebbishy looking little fellow with an open smile and a friendly twang.

He’s thoughtful…


He cares about the country that made him stinkin’ rich. He actually does. Which is rare in a gabillionaire. They usually prefer to stay home behind gated locked and heavily guarded doors counting gold bullion and perhaps growing their fingernails and toenails to extreme lengths.

I read a headline this morning on the Huffington Post that said “Why The Rest of American Can’t Invest Like Buffet.” *pause* As if we need a moment to think about this. Let’s try anyway. *pause* Did we really need to think about this? Here is the article this amusing headline links to. It tells you, in a more realistic and interesting way, why we can’t invest like Warren Buffet. Which of course is because we are NOT stinkin’ rich like he is.

It talks about access to the top managers who will actually look after what Mr. Buffet invests; his fame and the cachet his name attached to your bidness will bring; how he gets to go through the “back door” to buy the “really good sh#t”. Like that.

But it all comes down to what we already knew when we read that first silly headline. We can’t invest like Mr. Buffet because we are just plain folks, hons. And the golden paths of opportunities that used to be available to all, are no longer available to JPF like us.

Somewhere along the way, the milk and honey got locked up behind those gated, heavily guarded doors.

Here’s what’s left for us,

Today’s headline should rather be a question to us, “Is the American Dream dead? And if it is, who knew the victim well enough to identify the body?”

It’s a ponder.

I.B. Crabby

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