Irene isn’t the only big wind threatening our shores today!

Let us not forget the torrent of wind assaulting us on the political front.

Mr. Gingrich would be the tropical depression with the closed wind circulation around a middle of sustained winds of only about 25 knots. There’s usually not much concern with these and they tend to peter out.

I would categorize Mr. Romney as the tropical wave, because of the tendency to kink or bend in its normally straight flow – as characterized by his tendency to stick his thumb in the air to check the wind before taking a position on anything. Again not a worry though it can develop into a hurricane. However, it would take a stronger commitment of wind.

The least damaging, though sometimes scariest part of the hurricane can be the eye and the eye wall. The eye wall evidences the ring of storms around it, causing it to take a potentially crazy view:

At this time I would categorize Mr. Perry as a Warning. This is where winds are sustained at about 65 knots or higher and other conditions indicate that a hurricane is possible. You just have to keep an eye out for high water or a combo of high waves and high water. In other words, if it’s deep enough and turbulent enough then look out. Otherwise it just “poofs” to nothing.

All of us are on “hurricane watch”, however. This means that hurricanes are possible in our area. They can change direction and speed on a dime and gain strength very quickly. This is why we must all be diligent and keep our eyes open,

Let’s all be careful out here!

I.B. Crabby

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