This morning a headline caught my eye. It’s about how Employers are going to stop offering health insurance to employees after the federal dealie bobbie kicks in. !! . Goodness. You realize of course, that this is going to lead to Employers offering jobs for discounts rather than salaries. You can work 10 hours a day at Big Time Department Store to earn a 10% discount on all purchases!! Yippee!

Medical offices will offer reduces fees on services. Grocery stores will offer their day old foods at a discount. Etc. Etc. Until no one anywhere, except Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Robert Iger and the like, have any money left whatsoever!

Therefore, in order to prepare for this day, we will want to make sure we are properly geared up with our fashions! It will be best to get skinny now, so your wardrobe will still fit. You’ll want togs that are weather appropriate, sturdy and yet help with your new career as a beggar. Therefore, here are some lovely suggestions,

For the man about town and nowhere else!:

For the traveling hipster, notice how brown colors work just as nicely as the “street grey.”

And let’s not forget the ladies! This lucky 31-year-old independent lady just got a lovely new colorful frock for a festive occasion!

See how alluring this 24-year-old looks in some bright street color:

And please don’t forget to keep all your wardrobe choices organized and at the ready in your portable closet:

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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