Governor Ricky of Texas invited Huawei Technologies to set up shop in Plano, Texas.

On the surface doesn’t this sound fantastic! Wonderful! New jobs for Texans! An influx of good old greenbacks! Yay! Governor Ricky even turned up at the ribbon cutting to celebrate the company’s US Headquarter opening.


As it turned out, both George W. Bush’s and Obama’s administration identified Huawei Technologies as a cyber security risk to the U.S. And they had previously blocked the Chinese company from opening doors here. Until Governor Ricky just ignored all that and said “Come on in y’all! Welcome to you!”

That said, just imagine all the great new business the U.S. will have if he is elected our President!! How exciting! We’ll have ALL the emerging countries, plus Russia and the Mid-East countries fighting over us and our information and what’s left of our real estate and bank accounts.

That is, unless the aliens gut us first.

I.B. Crabby

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