Missouri just passed a new law that requires teachers to open their Facebook accounts to school administrators, parents and guardians of not only school aged children, but with their former students as well.

Missouri is just trying to protect it’s children from all the sexual predators in their education system. I suppose they figure this is easier than firing them.

What “they” say will actually happen: the good teachers will stop interacting with the kids on social networks for fear of misinterpretations and, what I say: the ones who want some kid whoopie will find another way.

I want to know, when do these kids have time to fall into the time suck that is a social network? They have so much homework as to render them double shifted if they were unionized and have little if any time left to play with friends or do sports. They are supposed to be learning how to socialize face to face at this age. Aren’t the video games and DVDs enough to keep them busy when you don’t want to waste time parenting them? Now they have to go out into cyberspace where there is no safety net against predators (especially when their own school system won’t keep their house clean)?

Oh silly me! That’s right! The kids prey on each other themselves!! With the sexting and the cyber bullying and such not. What was I thinking?! It’s the brave new world out there.

I just hope all you moms and dads out there don’t mind going to Farmville to visit your avatar grandchildren. Because that’s about what you’re gonna get.

I.B. Crabby

Just suck it up, hon!


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