Dear Friends,

I must apologize for being remiss in my postings. A dear friend has been suffering an agonizing intestinal condition and I had to hold her hand (though I did have to turn my head. Goodness who knew one’s guts could be so stinky in public?) as she traveled thither and yon to make sure nothing dire was afoot. Or a-gut as the case may be.

There is a new letter. I’ve got to get the gear up and running. Fenwick has been using my computer to hold up his racing papers and there are ink marks all over the screen where he made notations: “Blueballs to place” and such like.

Patience, hons. Thanks for hanging in. And the thought for today is: Sometimes when one has a remarkable amount of intestinal gas, it is appropriate to “let ‘er rip” in public if need be. Just maintain a pleasant expression and smile and nod at onlookers and keep an atomizer of perfume handy. I personally enjoy Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds.

I.B. Crabby

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