Months Beginning with “J”

Apparently, this year I am posting in months beginning with “J.” (only because my last post was in January and it is now June).

I’ve been busy. Too busy. Perhaps too much catching up with Game of Thrones, OITNB and House of Cards. But somewhat productive in areas that are not writing.

Not writing. Inspiritos has avoided me like easy acceptance has avoided Hillary Clinton. Humor has not gone. It has just refused to ink my pen lately.

And I’ve been ill for a good bit. Enough about that. It’s over. And I have managed to recover in time for the election fun! Plus Brexit! And an 8 person SCOTUS! Can this carnival of adventure get any more fun than an unexpected case of shingles? Our cup overflows, kiddos. It overflows.

Between now and November, we have to get the vote out to keep the Oval Office’s lovely blue decor from turning a sallow gray. You color mixing aficionados out there will know exactly what I mean.

And our educational system needs to return several areas of study, like history and civics, to our high school curricula. The sooner the better.

As a public service I offer the following to amuse and enfrighten:

These kids will be voting in November. More of them are coming up out of the same schools. Lots of kids. Kids who will be making decisions that will determine the welfare and future of an aging society.

This lovely lady shows us how important it is to keep senior services available. Because, remember, if not already, you will be there too one day.

Those are my two bullet points for today: The return of civics education and spreading the awareness of the needs of the aging population. Because one will ensure the continuation of programs that keep the other alive. And I for one, ain’t getting any younger.

Neither are you.

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