The smartest economist I read, Mr. Paul Krugman, says that if the U.S. defaults next week, it will be like 1937 squared!

It’s already started a little bit. You can tell because more people who used to do this:

Are doing this already today:

So, hons, since I believe in being prepared, and we will have to prepare for 1937 squared bread lines like these:

we all need to be ready! Remember, those who stand out will probably get served first! So, get yourself a bright colored shirt, or comfy dress at Hilo Hatties! for the summertime, or a giant puffy bright pink coat for winter and make sure your iPods are loaded up with music and games for the all day lines for food!

Fear not friends! I will make sure the latest in line fashion will be found here!!

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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