No, not these guys….
These guys came from the inner space of Hanna Barbera.

Betty and Barney Hill Archival Collection

These guys!

These guys were the first non-loopy folks to have an alien abduction, invasive physical exam experience that was taken somewhat seriously by the public back in 1961.

And now, New Hampshire has placed a memorial plaque at the site of their abduction.

This is thanks to the exhaustive and diligent work of their niece, Kathleen Marden.

Thank you Kathleen!!

It’s good to remember where the first definitive description of the little grey men came from! The Hills even gave us star maps and this was not any kind of map to James Taylor’s place, hon!!

Peter Spanos

Good for you and a big ATTABOY to New Hampshire for commemorating this event! Before the economy collapses next Tuesday and none of us have any cash left for memorials.

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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