From the Shopping Cart Files –

In the summer time, it’s a challenge to stay cool while living on the streets! The closest you can come to air conditioning is to stand in front of a shop or restaurant as the clean people come and go and before you are ushered on your way by security personnel.

But, there is another way to stay cool! And you can add this essential item to your shopping cart as a summer “must have”!

On your next dumpster dive, keep an eagle eye out for a spritz bottle.

Some places to aim your next stealth dumpster dive would be behind pet groomers, garden centers or exterminator companies! They all use the spritzer in their work and probably toss out the used ones willy nilly, every single day.

Take it to the nearest gas station and clean it out as best you can. Fill with water and tie a rope to it to wear round your neck. Then you can spritz yourself all day long in the face and on your pulse points to stay cool as can be. As well as your cat or dog or the rats who might hang with you!!

I’m just here to help!

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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