Amy Winehouse died. Again. Almost to the day, she also did this in 2009. Though her death is regarded as “unexplained” today by the police.

Amy Winehouse died. She joins the 27 Club. And no one could stop it. She loved her drugs and alcohol more than the guarantee of continued existence above ground, with sobriety. Though she did battle it. It won.

The press and people around her talk about the what – she takes drugs, she overdoses, she’s hospitalized, she’s arrested..yada yada yada.

I doubt anyone knows why she took so many cellular destroying substances so very very aggressively. And did not pursue the rehabilitation as aggressively.

She had enormous talent. She achieved remarkable success. She made a good living. But apparently it wasn’t enough.

Usually excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs indicate enormous pain. In her case, this could be true. Or she could have just been astonishingly over-sensitive. No doubt she was driven to express herself musically. Was she just a typical junkie? Who knows?

None of us could have done anything to save her. None of us. I believe she was bound and determined to go this route. And I hope she will find some kind of peace wherever she’s gone to.

I.B. Crabby

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