The news is “NO GO” as far as the Republicans being willing to work with the administration on a deal regarding the debt ceiling. Anyone surprised? Pas je, mes dears! Non!

As members of the lied-to public we can only connect the relatively unsullied dots from the morass of obfuscations spewed through the various slanted mouthpieces of press. Or, as I like to call it – “tube vomit.”

One thing is abundantly clear – neither side seems to consider that a HUGE portion of this country’s population is –

~unemployed or under-employed
~uninsured or under-insured
~uninsured or under-insured means we’re less medicated these days which will make us….
~angrier and angrier at the consarned gummit!! which will guide us, at the prospect of losing Social Security and Medicare (after having paid through the nose for it from our paychecks, before claiming any) ever closer to – Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!…..n’es pas?

And….does anyone else notice how oh so very quiet the wealthy elite have become, when before, so many seemed to have such publicly loud, negative opinions on government actions? ……Is it because their income just might be taxed at a higher rate? Or do they fear….


Hons, we are living the Chinese curse for sure!

I.B. Crabby

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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