Remember that little shaker and splasher in Japan earlier this year? Where thousands of people were killed or missing? And those nuclear power plants shared radiation with all of us? The one that none of our favorite telethon celebrities raised any money for, because they have our money now? The one I did this telethon for?

Well, the good people of Japan are still hurting and needing help. They are an industrious, inventive and inspiring people. And they continue to need help. Apparently Lady Gaga gives a green patootie about this!! She’s donated $3 million to the people in disaster zones and now, NOW! she’s arrived in Japan. Sure she’s promoting her new album. That’s her job. But she will also do a charity gig in addition to the $3 mill she’s already given. Kudos to you, my dear!! At only 25 years old you are a wonderfully generous stinking rich famous person! In addition to being a positive and productive member of the world’s society.

Celebrities, I ask you again – pony up. Get your geisha on, hons and help the good folks as well. Meanwhile, Ms. Lady Gaga, I’ll help promote your album. Here is a toe tapping honey of a song from it:

I.B. Crabby

…hmmmm, note the resemblance!

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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