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First there’s Kim Kardashian who is suing Old Navy for hiring a much less expensive look alike for an ad campaign. Not only that, but her ex boyfriend is dating the look-alike model! I must say, I looked all over the picture of Ms. Kardashian’s face and could not find the copyright mark anywhere. I looked at the Library of Congress’ site and could not find a form for copyrighting one’s visage. Now I am worried that someone is going to use an Irmagarde Crabby lookalike to cash in!! I must call Miss K’s law office and get right on it!!

Then there’s the split of J.Lo and Marc Anthony. It’s over fears of infidelity, professional jealousy and clashing personalities. *Ahem* Where to begin. “Fears” of infidelity – how many still married couples have had those? Hmmmmm, maybe 99.9%? “Professional jealousy”, are you kidding me? These two people have individually achieved more professional success in one year than most people do in one lifetime. And that’s not good enough for them? That makes it worth having their kids grow up with divorced parents? “Clashing personalities” – And this is news? These two sillies need to take the kids on a great vacation, away from paparazzi and work things out, for Pete’s sake….Wait wait!!!! I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to say that Marc!! There is no Pete! It’s just an expression!!!

I.B. Crabby

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