Hi. My name is IB Crabby. It’s been 19 days since my last post entry.

What on earth happened here? I was just making comments on Syria, when things seemed to quiet down, and then BAM! The government shuts down.

Jon Stewart already covered the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Then he outlined the course of events, brilliantly labeled “The March of Dumbs.”

I have been trying to find the cost analyses of what the government shut down’s direct and indirect costs will be per day versus the cost of funding the Affordable Care Act. Something tells me that the former could end up being far more expensive than the latter. But it seems that Math is dying a slow and painful death, following the demise of common sense and civil discourse.

This gives me some interesting ideas for new businesses. What if we were to re-do the Dark Ages, but with better products? Let’s make chapped skin from lye soap fashionable! Rosetta Stone can offer pidgin versions of the languages to teach the few folks left with money how to speak with the growing uneducated citizenry! Let’s make wear and tear and moth holes the latest trend in tissue T-shirts! There are all kinds of innovations we can create for the upcoming centuries of dismal, diseased and death filled life. Some industrious folks have already started!

Instead of writing superstitious tracts on hellfire and damnation, we can put them on YouTube now! Because even though the citizenry will be malnourished and freezing in the winters, they will all still own their electronic devices and glitchy apps. How else will we be able to get our updated adverts on chastity belts and leech sales?

Let’s design a new and improved Dark Ages, hons! The hard parts are being done for us. It’s our own faults for not cashing in.

IB Crabby


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