Dear Mrs. Crabby,

Why is there all this fuss over Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the VMA’s? I don’t hear any fuss about 2 ChainZ and Kendrick Lamar for their performances. Isn’t it unfair that Miley Cyrus is getting most of the attention?


Confused in Salinas



Dear CIS,

You bring up a good point, hon. The performances by 2 Chainz and Mr. Lamar are hardly mentioned at all in all this ruckus! And the most criticism is going to Ms. Cyrus.

It would seem to me that if one objects to this kind of performance, all one has to do is push a button on a clicker. And as a parent, one just needs to block the station or the show from ones electronic streaming devices. It’s merely a slightly different step than not getting in your car to drive to a strip club or a Las Vegas showgirl performance, if that’s not your cup of tea.

Ever since we have created the capacity to live stream any kind of entertainment into our homes at any time, it seems that huge fuss is made about things that have, for centuries, been presented in more graphic fashion in live venues. I propose that it’s not the performances that are at issue here.  The basis of the hue and cry is more about the lack of self-control in part of our citizenry. These folks just cannot look away and they need to blame someone else for this absence of self-discipline.

As to ignoring Mr. Chainz and Mr. Lamar, this may well be another example of the backsliding of modern society into the pre-’60’s brand of civil rights violations. I would complain, were I them.

Personally, what I found offensive was Mr. Thicke’s choice of costume. He’s just a tad thick in the middle to wear a BeetleJuice suit. You’ll pardon the pun.

You are very observant. Keep it up!

IB Crabby,

I'm a good girl!

I’m a good girl!

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