Well, she’s out of the jail now. No restrictions on her personal freedom. Her time is considered fully served in the eyes of the legal folks.

Just to sum up – here’s my view of what happened and didn’t happen – Casey Anthony could not be found guilty by any jury even if the prosecution was as strong as the defense lawyer because there just wasn’t proof of anything. There was no provable cause of death. There was not enough circumstantial evidence (as there was with Scott Peterson’s case). There were no witnesses. It is incorrect to be angry with the jury or the D.A.’s office. They didn’t have what the law requires for a conviction.

On the other hand…..for you and I….well, that’s another matter altogether. Here are the “facts” as I see them – Caylee spent 100 percent of her care time with either Casey or her grandparents or somewhere with one of them having full knowledge of her whereabouts. Period. Casey lied to her parents about Caylee’s whereabouts for a month. This indicates that she was with her mother last. And for me, indicates that Casey knows how her daughter died. I can only jump to the conclusion that she murdered her daughter. And the ground is solid where I’m jumping. But that’s all water under the swamp now, to mix unfortunate metaphors.

Girlfriend’s out! She’s been locked up for a long time and is ready to party, I’m sure!! While I have no doubt that there is a contingent of people out there who will embrace Casey and take her in and make sure she has what she needs, I do believe she is going to find it tough to create any kind of independent life for herself. The majority of the sober, sentient public hates her guts; won’t hire her; won’t wait on her and God help her if she goes to eat in a restaurant, because her food will be spat upon thoroughly, I’ll bet.

Plus she’s got two big civil suits against her looming in the near future. There’s the one from Texas Equusearch who spent over $100k searching for Caylee while Casey continually lied to them. And Zenaida Gonzalez who was falsely accused by Casey of being the nanny who allegedly kidnapped Caylee. Which was 100 percent fiction.

I have only one recommendation for Casey. Run away, hon. Dye your hair. Get colored contact lenses. Gain 40 pounds. Here’s a site for abandoned houses you can flop in until you get some kind of job.

Because outside of that, you’re not going to have any kind of a life again. Ever. Which, in a peculiar way, is a strange kind of justice in the end.

Unfortunately, it does not give Caylee any kind of dignified justice. That will always be a tragedy. You and I will weep for that and hope it will be enough.

I.B. Crabby

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