Dear Mrs. Crabby,

I love my husband truly. I do. We’ve been married for sixteen good years. But the “relations” have become a bit boring, if you know what I mean. I guess “routine” would be a better word for it. It’s really not much different than having to get the car washed.

There is a new young man at work who I am starting to have daydreams about and this is making me nervous. Like I’m afraid my husband will see into my mind. Anyway, I’d rather make my home life more interesting than think about cheating. This guy at work has let me know he thinks I’m nice looking and would enjoy “going out” sometime.

What do I do?


Achy Anna


Dear AA,

Hon, you are just experiencing what all married couples experience over time. Fenwick and I had the same challenge. I will tell you some of what we did.

First, we talked about everything. I was nervous about this, so we first talked over the phone. Sure, I was sitting in the bathroom and he was in the bedroom, but something about the telephone gave me a fantasy of “safety.” Over a couple weeks, we became bolder in our “sex talks,” until one day Fenwick burst into the bathroom and had his way with me in the shower. What fun! We broke the shower curtain rod and took the shine off the toilet seat, but it was worth it.

Then we took our play acting to different venues. For some reason, Fenwick enjoyed his mother’s house. But that brings up a host of other issues not relevant here.

Now we look for interesting ways to “spice” up our time together. But I will tell you that the most exciting thing to start with is to intentionally look straight into your sweetheart’s eyes when you are contemplating, or doing fun things. Not just to see if they’re awake, or high. Or actually them.

Plus, get some books or movies on techniques or new positions or fun toys. Here’s a hint – the hula hoop isn’t just for children, hon! Or the Slinky.

Be adventurous and daring. It sticks the word “Never” in between “Happy” and “Ending.”

IB Crabby


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