Happy Fourth of July, hons! This year it seems that people are starting to celebrate very early. Perhaps it is because the holiday falls inside the working week. Perhaps it’s because so very many of us are un- or under-employed. Whichever, there is never a bad reason to celebrate anything early. Truly.

In this spirit, I offer a link to some lovely recipes for festive cocktails to help you grease the freedom wheel of celebratory expression!

Clean Plate Charlie has A coconut mojito and Red White and Vodka for your sparkler pleasure.

Side Dish offers up a Red, White and Blueberry for the health conscious and an intriguing Sailor’s Soul, among others.

and Mix That Drink gives us Sweet Independence with Marshmallow Infused Vodka, the sound of which has me already asking or “S’more!”

As always, don’t drink and drive. Or operate heavy machinery. Or attempt to hit on a friend’s spouse at a BBQ. If you’re like me, and a booze lightweight, make sure there is a soft place to fall nearby. Like a pillow, or a hammock, or a Johnny Depp.

IB Crabby

Cheers! From Clean Plate Charlie’s

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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