Dear Bart in Baltimore – Sometimes it’s best to just throw the underwear out and buy new.

Dear Marilyn in Maine – If you don’t want to be spanked just say “no!” Maybe it’s time you moved out of your dad’s house.

Dear Julian in Chicago – It’s fine to use a rolled up sock. But, hon, at some point you are going to have to let the cat out of the bag. So to speak.

Dear Frieda in Ft. Wayne – Of course there is no law requiring you to wax or shave when you wear a bikini. But, hon, whether right or wrong, it still looks icky. More so when you braid it.

Dear Max in Manila – I’ve never heard of a “mail order groom” service. But, hey, these are modern times. You might start a new tradition. Don’t forget to charge shipping and handling.

Dear Jolene in Georgia – I never ever recommend hitting on a friend’s man. Married or not. At least not until the country’s gun laws change radically.

Happy TGIF, hons! And remember, safe sex does not mean fornication inside a bank vault. Though that does sound kind of hot, doesn’t it?

IB Crabby



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