Hi hons!

Though it’s a day off from answering all your letters and finding the best advice possible for your every need, there are still chores to be done.

It’s important for family to help, don’t you think? Otherwise you could end up feeling like a serf or chattel or a slave and this could lead to feelings of strong resentment. You might be tempted to commit mean trickery. “Oh, you wanted steak? I thought you said liver.” Or, “Ooops. Must have forgotten to separate that red sweater out of your undies load!” Or even, “I was soooooo tired I must have mixed up the toothpaste and Preparation H, while cleaning the bathroom.”

For today, I offered to go get breakfast.


Fenwick is in charge of laundry.


While Seymour, to my great surprise, volunteered cheerfully to go to the grocery store.

Wal-Mart Shopper

Seymour’s new friend

All our chores will be done and the labor happily shared. Plus, Seymour has met a new friend and invited her to dinner. Seymour says she enjoys cleaning timepieces. Or was it that she “can clean a clock like nobody’s business?” At any rate, a lovely day for all!

IB Crabby


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