Happy March First, hons!

Today I awoke feeling joyful. For no good reason. That’s the only word for it. I chalk it up to March Madness. Not a single butthead or douchebag currently circling our bloodied and injured circumstances is giving me a moment of worry today. And religion has nothing to do with it! Actually if religion were involved I’d be prescribed to feel guilty about feeling good. Well, screw that!

I want to start this month with inspiring words to continue this attitude of gratitude, for what I have no idea. Here goes –

Grateful – When you grate an orange or a lemon, what do you get? Zest! This is a zesty feeling. Without the scraped and bleeding knuckles.

Happy – “Hap” is for “happening.” Which is what we all get, one second at a time. And “py” is an abbreviation or “puppy”, which makes us, except perhaps serial killers, smile.

Glamorous – You can see the middle “amorous” right there. That’s feeling frisky for some fun. The “Gl” is short for “glad.” And the demonstration of being glad for some whoopee is to doll oneself up! Or run about your house naked, shouting “Yabba Dabba Do Me!”

Heavenly – Walking about lightly, as if freed from this mortal coil, yet not really yet. Zombies also qualify for this.

Debonair – Someone named “Debbie” who is full of air. Farting is a good indicator.

Ecstatic – “Ec” is n outer prefix and “static” causes things to stick to you. So, it’s being so very happy that everyone around you sticks to you like glue cause they want to get some of that. Or steal your identity.

Leisure – This is a Hawaiian term. “Lei?” “Sure!”

Paradise – “Para” refers to being at the side of something. Dise is sloppy spelling for “dice.” Literally – next to Vegas. I would say this is that happy anticipation of “Vegas Baby” before losing all your money at the craps tables or video poker machines.

Fashionable – Self explanatory.

Welcome – Used as a greeting to visitors and for hookers encouraging sluggish patrons.

Make your own list today. What words make you smile? Use them in a sentence. Especially if you’re a trial judge.

TGIF kids! Go have some fun now.

IB Crabby

Letter HA HA

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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