What an exciting weekend, hons! So many events and changes and happenings. Here’s what caught my eye.

Convicted sex offenders in California are removing their tracking devices, reported in Saturday’s L.A. Times article reported by Pulitzer Prize winning Paige St. John. Ms. St. John reported recent events of paroled sex offenders taking off their identifying jewelry and frolicking about the land, committing more crimes (or as they would put it – following their bliss), and getting no more than a nudge nudge wink wink from California’s newly reformed legal system. Fenwick’s comment was “Oh goody, sexual assault is no longer a crime. Let the games begin.” He was kidding. And so are the convicts, but in a different way.

Brian Fraga of the Herald News reported this story about a feisty Blue Tang, like Dorie in “Finding Nemo”, who survived for six hours out of water, after a malicious break in and destruction of Animal Instincts Aquarium and Pet Center. So far so good for the 18-year-old “Big Blue.” I’ll wear blue panties today in support of Blue’s survival!

Then, of course, we had the Oscars! I was so looking forward to Seth MacFarlane’s hosting of this year’s event. But, like many others I’m sure, I was disappointed. I had the distinct sense that he was pulling punches, or punch lines as it were, on most of his jokes as if gun-shy. This surprised me, because I always thought of Mr. MacFarlane as a balls to the wall, fearless sort of comedian, like Rob Delaney. But, I fear young Seth has gone mainstream on us, which unfortunately tends to dilute the “SOCK ‘EM” factor of comedy. I will say that he is a very able song and dance man. I’d say his writing talent in this venue was wasted. Perhaps the Oscar show can be saved. Maybe the spirit of George Carlin will visit the producers and send the ghosts of comedy past, present and future to bring it back ’round.

There are so many comments abounding about Rene Zellweger’s drunken display and Kristen’s Stewart’s forgoing a hairstylist that I’ll just leave those sad sallies alone. My favorite attendee of the evening was Charlize Theron, even though she has cut her hair down to nubs. She carried it off, with a classy dress and was one of the few actresses there who appeared comfortable in her skin, having a charmingly good time. My favorite winner was Jennifer Lawrence. You just have to love that face plant on the stairs. Every year I think, if I was there in skyscraper heels and a village of fabric, I’d do exactly the same. Plus, I believe she deserved the win. We look forward to more!

That’s it for today. And that’s more than enough. Send me your letter, hon! I’m waiting to help!!

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I’m ready for my close-up!

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