Hi hons,

The good news is that I did film my demonstration of the happy clapping. The bad news is that with the new computer we are using, the old program records with the audio and visual out of sync. While this proved amusing on the first take, it soon became annoying. So we had to refilm the clip on a different platform. The bad news is that now we have to learn how to edit on this platform. But good news again is that once we learn how to do this, there is an opportunity for fancier add ons, like titles and sound effects. More fun! More fart jokes! And perhaps foreign sub-titles!

Meanwhile, I need to keep you up on the goings on in our land. I haven’t had any letters in a while. This would be a good time for you all to go to my letter link (at “Send Me Your Letter” on the home page) and send me your concerns and questions! Or read past posts and leave your comments.

For today, let’s reflect a moment on our wondrously predatory society and giants in commerce. One of my TV crushes, Alton Brown posted a link to an article on Twitter yesterday. If you are on Twitter, you should follow @altonbrown. He is so much fun! He posts answers to your tweeted questions by writing them on a post-it note and then taking a photo of the note stuck to his computer screen, and posting it back. What fun.

Anyway, Mr. Brown (we’re only on first name basis in my fantasies) posted a link to this article about a meeting that took place in 1999 between all the scions of American processed food companies. The meeting concerned the explosion of obesity and diabetes in America as an acknowledged direct result of their selling food intentionally overladen with fat, sugar and life choking oils. In 1999, hons! That’s 14 more years of adding on layer and layer of middle goo!

*Pause* take a moment now and grab around your middle. If you, like me, carry a belt of excess there that you used to be able to lose after a couple of months of throwing up and running up and down stairs fifty times a day, then read this article to learn why you have this and why it is now really difficult to lose.

Here’s the link again: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

Now that you know it’s really not all your fault, it might be easier to either do something about, or live with without guilt.

Thank you Michael Moss for writing this article. I feel much better now, knowing that Cher and Hillary Clinton share food addictions with me. Though they still won’t return my telephone calls.

IB Crabby

(Dreaming of Alton Brown)

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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