Dear Mrs. Crabby,

I’m an outdoor lady! I love doing everything out-of-doors. I mean everything! I even had my husband, Samuel, install an outdoor shower, so I could shower outside. Though I do sleep in the house because we tend to get a lot of skunks through here and one summer I woke up with a family of them sleeping on top of me. I smelled just awful for months.

There is another price to pay for this. I’ve grown allergic to sunscreens this past year because of an ingredient in most of them called oxybenzone or some such so I just can’t use them. Mrs. Crabby, I am 32 years old and now I look like this,

Need a makeover

When my husband and I go out, people ask him if his “mother” needs help. I look older than my own mother now.

What can I do?


Wrinkly When Dry



Dear WWD,

Hon, you can go out and spend a fortune on treatments like dermabrasion, peels and expensive creams. But in the end, you will have to stay out of the sun from now on. The other problem you face as you age is an increase in your chances for skin cancers.

Go to a good dermatologist right away and get their opinion.

You should know also, that there are a line of sunscreen products called “physical” sunscreens. These contain mineral ingredients that will not irritate your skin. Aveeno makes some less expensive ones. Get one of these right away and use it now.

Until you choose your course of action regarding a major makeover, there is really only one solution to your issue when going out with your husband.

Good luck, hon,

IB Crabby

Miss prim-3

Tell Mrs. Crabby all!

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