DEC. 22 AND 23, 2010 – ISN’T IT RICH?

He would be 42 years old today. His den would be lined with photos of himself in various remarkably successful ad campaigns and his shelves would be lined with the sports trophies of his 2 sons. He lives in Brentwood with his lovely wife of 12 years. He gives to charity and does many good works in the city.

She would be 51 years old today, living a quiet life in Laguna as her kids attend college and are excellent students. She’s taken up painting and is remarkably good at it. Her work sells under a pseudonym in the Laguna area.

He would be alive today if he hadn’t been such a good friend and agreed to retrieve a lost pair of glasses belonging to her mother. Afterwards, so-called experts insinuated that they were lovers. Because such-like hardened skeptics can’t believe that two extremely good-looking people can be just friends. It is presumed that he walked in on her being hacked to death by her obsessive, drug hyped, maniacal ex-husband, who then turned attention to him.

She had the misfortune to open the door to her ex when he knocked, not knowing he was jacked up on narcotics (allegedly……) and carrying a homicidal hard-on. I suspect he snapped when she told him that a friend was coming over, so he’d better skedaddle.

Of course, this is Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

Many of us in So. Cal. were privvy to more information about this case than met the papers. I met a catering employee who served at a party where one of the Simpson lawyers was present and asked if he was guilty. The answer was “F**k yeah!!!.” It was also known that it was an election year for District Attorney Gil Garcetti. If the trial had been held in it’s original venue – Santa Monica – the outcome would have been far different. But Garcetti transferred it to L.A., where he could have some photo ops for his election. It is believed that when the venue changed, the verdict was then pre-ordained. Added to that was a fame-ego driven judge and prosecutors who decided not to use all the evidence; put on a witness who was embarrassingly challenged and failed to put on one witness who would have compellingly changed the direction of the testimony (but had unfortunately enjoyed coitus with someone involved in the case, which was known to the defense). Of course these statements are allegations that trickled down to some of us living in the area from people working with the people and other closer folks.

The hero of this story is Fred Goldman, who pursued the civil case to success, with tireless resolve. Many of you might say “Of course I would defend the honor of my child.” But the fact is that most of us would not and most of those who have murdered children do not. Period. It’s not because of lack of love. The system is designed to wear down the most innocent of innocents and righteous of righteous. It just does. And, without compromising everyone’s civil liberties, it has to work that way, though oft-times it seems to dance about at the Ridiculous Club. Fred Goldman and his family have.not.stopped. And curiously, it is their victory in the civil case that has put the perp behind bars, where he should have been put the first time.

The Goldman/Simpson’s 33.5 million win in the civil case prompted the perp to hide every one of his touchable assets (the pension was not touchable and 36 some odd thousand a month is enough to live on quite nicely in Florida). He gave these assets to friends, who got sticky-fingered. Which is why he went to Vegas with muscle and a gun to get them back. The Vegas judge did the right thing and sent him to live in orange in the pokey, where he can protest his innocence all day and we don’t have to hear it.

And he wrote the book, “If I Did It”, which Fred Goldman, et al. co-opted in court, changed the title to “If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer,” published it and it went gold immediately. Those proceeds go to a foundation that provides support for families and survivors of violent crimes. (insert perp directed raspberry here).

I.B. Crabby

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