Happy Valentine’s day, hons!

If you are alone this year and have nobody to share this holiday with, be your own sweetheart! Here are some fun things you can do –

~Buy a box of candy hearts with messages on them and hide them all over your home and place of work. You will probably not find them all, and during the rest of the year will be surprised by messages of sweet love. If you find some next December…you might want to pass on eating them.

~Send yourself a bouquet of flowers to your office. Let everyone wonder who your secret sweetie is! Make delighted sounds of oohs and aahs and “how did they know roses are my favorite?”

~Send a valentine to someone else who is all alone. Though, due to the new stalking laws, you might want to keep it anonymous.

~Buy some sexy lingerie or underwear and dance around your home to Barry White. Then take a bubble bath while enjoying a box of chocolates and champagne.

~After you’ve finished all the champagne from the bath, drunk dial all your exes and thank them for the memories. You might want to do this anonymously as well.

~Sing this poem to yourself during the day “I love myself, I think I’m grand, I go to the movies and hold my hand. I put my arms around my waist. And when I’m fresh, I slap my face!”

You can make your Valentine’s day as special as you want, hons. Remember, it’s a holiday created by card companies to boost sales. When you truly love yourself, every day is Valentine’s day.

From my heart to yours,

IB Crabby

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