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I’ve been enjoying the paper with my coffee. Well, not eating the paper of course. The news is bumpy. We have a big shot Catholic Cardinal here, Roger Mahony (whom I shall forever think of as Phony Baloney Mahony), who probably will not be charged for concealing from authorities the child sex abuse committed by parish priests under his rule. Yes, there were sharp and critical letters written to editors and the church. But being who we are, with our short memories, these letters will fade and though he will never again be an archbishop, he will still live out his life unpunished. I wonder if our more primitive forebears might have had a better idea with their more instant and decisive meting out of punishments. Now we suffer from our political correctness as Mahony will more than likely be grandly feted at his eventual funeral mass. At least he is still forced to wear a stunningly unstylish dress.

Young Florence Cassez has been released after being held in a Mexican jail for seven years. This is an interesting puzzle. She was the girlfriend of Israel Vallarta who led a gang called the Zodiacs. They kidnapped people and held them hostage. He has confessed to these kidnappings. Florence swears she was dumb as a bag of rocks and didn’t know a single thing about these kidnappings, even though she was arrested at the very ranch where the kidnap victims were held hostage. She was released on a technical foul, as the Mexican supreme court has ruled that her arrest and subsequent Mexican TV’s fictional reconstruction of the police raid were irregular and violated her rights. France has been pissed off with Mexico about this business. And, as happens, the entire focus was placed on Florence rather than “what the heck happened with the kidnapping business and those held hostage????” Because she’s attractive and there’s been loud shouting and such, which always deflects our attention. Anyway, hons, I find a curious karma working in this one. Assuming she is a somewhat innocent bystander. Or by-kisser, as the case may be. Innocent people were kidnapped and held. And, allegedly so was she. Accounts balanced!!

Here’s a puzzler, hons. California has instituted the Early Prisoner Release program. Doug McIntyre talked about this Thursday. Californians were promised that only low risk prisoners were going to be released. Apparently this is not the case. Ten percent are extreme high risk, a higher percentage just regular high risk and a lesser amount the low risk felons we were promised. They are, at this moment, at large, living amongst us TA DA! safe as can be because the government decided that they should be let go for the sole reason being the prisons were just too crowded!! Magic at work again. There’s another fun side to this. California probation officers, who are assessed being most productive with 50 clients apiece, now average 150 clients apiece! Job security for them, hons! Isn’t that wonderful. And the unions are making it impossible for California to hire any more, according to the fellow that Mr. McIntyre interviewed, who only works there. But here’s the real fun, hons,

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These early release folks are keeping busy, those industrious kids! Let’s be clear on current events now. Extremely to moderately dangerous felons are being re-released into the communities of our state without proper supervision possible in the current bureaucracy, and there is, concurrently, a push to do away with citizens rights to bear arms. Hons, I don’t know about you, but it seems that if the government can’t thin the population herd by taking away our affordable access to medical care, they’ll take us down in the streets.

It’s a veritable whirlwind of conflicting issues!. What to do? That old-time English writer, Sir Walter Scott sure nailed it for us some two hundred plus years ago when he said, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Though these days I’d claim that it’s a first, second, third, fourth and so on practice. It just makes me want to go out and eat something full of high fructose corn syrup to lift my spirits.

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  1. Texas uses that same logic on prison over-crowding, Mrs. Crabby! We did this about 20 years ago and it got really nuts. There was a huge public backlash and tah-dah! Prison construction boom. We built an insane number of prisons that we can’t afford to fully staff or safely operate. Now we’re quietly starting to release pretty much EVERYone again.


    The good side of this is when our fiscal pendulum moves away from incarceration, it heads in the direction of funding for drug/alcohol treatment programs. Maybe we can rebuild some of the programs that got killed in favor of prisons.

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