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Boxing Day is traditionally defined as the day after Christmas when gifts are given to servants and trades people by their superiors. In America we’ve changed “superiors” to “the man.” I don’t think we often say “boss” any more either. The more formal of us might say “employer.” But here, if a gift or bonus is given, it’s usually given out before the holiday.

Cut to so-called modern times. In the British Empire (I still include Canada and Australia and New Zealand, because it’s just so much easier to lump them all together, don’t you think? I’m sure the Queen still does that too, in her secret heart of hearts, when she does the “mirror, mirror on the wall” thingie.) it’s a shopping spree day. We did ours the day after Thanksgiving. But they don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday. And people need to shop sales. It’s such a satisfying feeling to buy something for 25% less than rich people paid for it.

Here in America, we don’t have a traditional “Day After Christmas” holiday event. Many people jump right back to work the day after Christmas. Often carrying Christmas colds and flu with them, from spending the day with their young “petri dish” kids, or the children of friends and relatives. It’s the surprise gift that keeps on giving. Others take the week between Christmas and New Year’s off to go skiing or on some sort of winter vacation. Those are the people who still have some money left. Lucky ducks! Other folks spend the day sitting on their sofas, watching sports and digesting all the Christmas cookies and candy, recovering from eggnog hangovers. At Chez Crabby, we like to spend the day in our jammies, playing with each other’s gifts. Fenwick’s new electric shaver works like a charm on my legs as well as my chin!

It’s nice to be free form here in the U.S., don’t you think? It’s very cowboy of us.

However you are spending Boxing Day, I hope you got all the gifts on your list, plus some nice surprises. And if you did get the gift of a virus or bacterial bug, I hope you have enough brandy leftover to help ignore its visit.

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